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  1. Background size is too small (or too large)

  2. Can I add a clickable link to my infographics?

  3. Can I determine where in the video a specific graphic will appear and disappear?

  4. Can I give this to my outsourcer to do that for me?

  5. Can I import external infographics and change it inside if the tool?

  6. Can I make the social media icons clickable?

  7. Can I upload my own background image and customize it?

  8. Can you put URLs or links on the social media icons?

  9. Discounts

  10. Do I have a developers license?

  11. Do you have special discounts for non-profits?

  12. Does this work on Mac or PC?

  13. How can I access the latest version of the Chrome Cheese PDF?

  14. How can I add these graphics to my videos?

  15. How can I change my password?

  16. How can I go back and edit my campaigns?

  17. How can I see in Analytics which pages the Infobar was clicked on?

  18. How can I set up my Infobar campaign?

  19. How can I show the infobar on certain/specific pages, not just home or all pages or all posts.

  20. How can I upgrade the WP Chrome Cheese plugin?

  21. How do I create Banners and Flyers?

  22. How do infobar variants work?

  23. How do the Infobar campaign analytics work?

  24. How to access the training area?

  25. How to install the Infobar plugin?

  26. How to report a bug, error, 404, etc.

  27. I bought the upgrade but do not see KD Renegade

  28. I bought the upgrade... Where are the 50 templates?

  29. I can not login / access my upgrade?

  30. I have uploaded my background on Twitter but it's not showing

  31. I need the link to the OTO (upgrade page)

  32. I purchased the upgrade but can not find the templates

  33. I'm using Firefox and can't login to ISP Twitter

  34. IIP - Keyword XP not launching

  35. IIP - What is the width, height and format of my infographics?

  36. Is Instant eBook Presence compatible with Amazon Kindle?

  37. Is it possible to add clickable links in the video?

  38. Is there an upgrade/OTO option?

  39. My designs won't save (saving bug)

  40. Testimonial Creator White Label F.A.Q.

  41. The background images are not saving

  42. The site is not loading / unable to access

  43. Transfer

  44. What happens when I have two active campaigns targeting the same pages/posts?

  45. What is the Developers License

  46. Where can I find my bonuses?

  47. Where can I find my bonuses?

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