Is Instant eBook Presence compatible with Amazon Kindle?

Right now Instant eBook Presence cover sizes are 412x547 pixels for flat covers and 503x557 pixels for 3D covers.

The covers are transparent PNGs so they can fit on any light or dark background. Instant eBook Presence is the perfect solution for info products that you may sell / give-away on forums or on your websites. 

Amazon Kindle requires print-ready graphics (1563x2500 pixels) so covers created with Instant eBook Presence will not be suitable for Kindle. 

This said, we happen to have created the leading Kindle cover creator (perfectly in tune with the latest KDP guidelines) which you can find at

And if you are an Instant eBook Presence customer you will find a 50% discount code for KD Renegade inside the members area, so that you can get the best of both worlds.

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