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  1. Instant Video Presence 

    1. Where can I find my bonuses?
    2. Is there an upgrade/OTO option?
    3. How can I add these graphics to my videos?
    4. Can I determine where in the video a specific graphic will appear and disappear?
    5. Is it possible to add clickable links in the video?
  2. Other 

    1. Transfer
  3. Tech 

    1. The site is not loading / unable to access
  4. ISP Twitter 

    1. I'm using Firefox and can't login to ISP Twitter
    2. Can I make the social media icons clickable?
    3. Background size is too small (or too large)
    4. I have uploaded my background on Twitter but it's not showing
    5. I need the link to the OTO (upgrade page)
  5. ISP Youtube 

    1. Can you put URLs or links on the social media icons?
    2. How do I create Banners and Flyers?
  6. Instant Infographics Presence 

    1. I can not login / access my upgrade?
    2. I purchased the upgrade but can not find the templates
    3. Where can I find my bonuses?
    4. IIP - What is the width, height and format of my infographics?
    5. IIP - Keyword XP not launching
  7. Instant eBook Presence 

    1. Is Instant eBook Presence compatible with Amazon Kindle?
    2. How to access the training area?
    3. I bought the upgrade but do not see KD Renegade
    4. I bought the upgrade... Where are the 50 templates?
  8. All articles 

    1. I'm using Firefox and can't login to ISP Twitter
    2. Can I upload my own background image and customize it?
    3. How to report a bug, error, 404, etc.
    4. My designs won't save (saving bug)
    5. Do you have special discounts for non-profits?

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